Caring Canary

I’m Georgia. I’ve been a TV producer on top rating shows and have also worked at one of Australia’s largest charities. But by far the hardest job I ever had was helping my mum care for my terminally ill dad a couple of years ago. When I found out my dad was sick, I quit my all-consuming TV job and did whatever I could to bring a ray of sunshine to him (and my devoted mum) each and every day. Time after time I saw dozens of friends and family sheepishly visit my sick dad bearing flowers or chocolates, even though they knew these gifts seemed inadequate. Caring Canary evolved because I wanted to fill this hole in the market for thought-out, personalised gift packages. I realise how important caring for people is, and how it’s so easily overlooked in today’s busy, stressed-out society. I want to make it easy for people to show that they care, and for people who are going through a tough time to really feel special and cared for. Caring Canary will enable more people around Australia to do this and will deliver a little box of happiness every day.

Just think, we don’t remember every bunch of flowers we ever received, but it’s those specially thought out, unique gifts that are engrained with us forever.

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