Darling Pavilion

Introducing the alluring Darling Pavilion by Universal Hotels—where Mediterranean elegance meets pavilion-style pub charm, conceived by Michael McCann of Dreamtime Australia Design.   This delight at Darling Quarter, offers classic pub cuisine and Mediterranean flavors by Head Chef Kyle Quy, with indoor/outdoor seating for 350+ guests, a theatre-style kitchen, 20m stone bar, lush greenery, and… Continue reading Darling Pavilion

Vesta Italian


Vesta Italian offers the finest coffee and the freshest modern Italian cuisine, made with love, and served communally, just like home. Enjoy all day dining from morning til late, with fresh salads, authentic pastas and stone-fired pizzas, along with your favourite wine and cocktails.   Breakfast & Lunch Menu Lunch Menu Call To Book 15… Continue reading Vesta Italian

MuMian Dining


Experience the art of Cantonese cuisine with a southern Chinese influence as our expert Chefs take you on a journey of discovery based on excellent food, impeccable service and an elegant atmosphere.    Enjoy a modern take on authentic flavours and dishes, where MuMian blends eastern and western cooking techniques with sophisticated flair that will… Continue reading MuMian Dining



Ichoume has a cool setting and an even cooler izakaya style menu. Be transported as you enter this vibrant insta-worthy restaurant and explore the extensive menu, including fresh sushi, stunning cocktails and an authentic Japanese drinks list.   Be sure to try your luck at Gashapon – the vending machine-dispensed capsule toy games which are… Continue reading Ichoume


Kürtősh Kürtősh house is the culmination of yearning to recreate what home feels like – comfortable, cozy, relaxing, flawed, unquestionably accepting, eclectic & sweet.   The name Kürtősh comes from Kürtőskalács – a traditional Hungarian pastry famously known as chimney cake. Boasting the perfect harmony of caramelised crispy flaky outer with soft inner walls, the… Continue reading Kurtosh

Café Alma

Café Alma by Chambers is an upbeat environmentally cautious café using more than 90% recycling material for their café furniture. Serving contemporary brunch with middle eastern accents, chefs at Alma create food for the soul’. Proudly served coffee roasted by Chambers Fine Coffee.   Click to view the menu 14 Harbour St, Darling Quarter Uber Eats… Continue reading Café Alma


Chatime is the home of freshly brewed bubble tea! Delicious range of customisable teas – milky, fruity, frozen or fresh – and finish with mix-ins!   Click to view the menu 8 Harbour St, Darling Quarter chatime.com.au Uber Eats chatimeaustralia


Today people around the world have a high interest in food experiences and are concerned about healthy eating. Goobne chicken brings a healthy Korean-Food concept for the whole family to enjoy. Goobne serves great quality oven roasted chicken. It is crispy on the outside, soft inside and lower in calories, cholesterol, sodium and trans-fat. Enjoy… Continue reading Goobne


The newest restaurant by the crew who brought us Dopa by Devon and Dopa’s Milkbar & Donburi has joined Darling Quarter with a retro Tokyo inspired donburi and dessert bar.   The name DOPA, a shortened form of the chemical ‘dopamine’. In this case these became an allegory for the chemically transformative experience of eating… Continue reading Dopa



Obsession and imagination – two ingredients that drive Gelatissimo to create the best tasting gelato. After a big day out in the city or a night out celebrating, Gelatissimo is the sweetest way to end your day in Sydney’s CBD.   Located at Darling Quarter, you can treat yourself to a range of vegan-friendly, non-dairy,… Continue reading Gelatissimo


The cool, clear air is punctuated by the vibrant yellow of the Acacia flower, blooming en masse. Clear, salty seas illuminate the abundant life in the coral reefs, while at altitude, snow gently dusts the land. The shorter days take on a new urgency, to forage and feed; fortifying for long, cold nights. These times are hard, but will eventually give way to a warmer dawn.


The intensity of heat gives way to a calmer time, and a fresh harvest of fruits, berries and roots emerge. Butterflies and birds flit between flowers, simultaneously drinking the nectar and delivering the pollen which will, in time, reignite a new cycle of emergence. This peaceful time is illuminated by beautiful, golden sunsets, slowly retracting as the long, cool nights draw in.


The hottest part of the year brings with it extremes. Scorched land cracks open in desperation for the deluge of rain that storms will eventually, inevitably bring. These storms churn the rivers and creeks, igniting feeding frenzies among hungry fish. This is a harsh, unsettled time. Many won’t survive. But with endings, come new beginnings.


Cold winds make way for warming air, while gentle rains cleanse and replenish the land. The buds of the Waratah redden, and before long they bloom, heavy with nectar. This long-awaited nourishment gives way to a cacophony of life; new, flourishing; and old, reawakening. All emerging to celebrate this time of plenty.