The Darling Harbour Run Club

Keen to get fit for free while socialising? Look no further than the Run Club at Darling Harbour.


Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, the Run Club is here to help you hit your weekly step goals. Led by a knowledgeable trainer, the club will guide you through a variety of activities, beginning with a brisk warmup jog and progressing to faster, shorter runs of up to 600 metres. 


To create a healthy routine, Run Club will be held every Monday morning for an hour, starting on Monday, 9 October at 7:15AM—make sure to pack your activewear and running shoes for that day. We’ll meet in the Darling Quarter Village Green South.


The best part? The Club is completely free to join–no registration fees required! All you’ll need to do is sign a waiver prior via a QR code, which will be provided by the session’s trainer.


For more info, click here.


Remember to leave your bags and valuables at work as there’ll be no storage options outside.


The cool, clear air is punctuated by the vibrant yellow of the Acacia flower, blooming en masse. Clear, salty seas illuminate the abundant life in the coral reefs, while at altitude, snow gently dusts the land. The shorter days take on a new urgency, to forage and feed; fortifying for long, cold nights. These times are hard, but will eventually give way to a warmer dawn.


The intensity of heat gives way to a calmer time, and a fresh harvest of fruits, berries and roots emerge. Butterflies and birds flit between flowers, simultaneously drinking the nectar and delivering the pollen which will, in time, reignite a new cycle of emergence. This peaceful time is illuminated by beautiful, golden sunsets, slowly retracting as the long, cool nights draw in.


The hottest part of the year brings with it extremes. Scorched land cracks open in desperation for the deluge of rain that storms will eventually, inevitably bring. These storms churn the rivers and creeks, igniting feeding frenzies among hungry fish. This is a harsh, unsettled time. Many won’t survive. But with endings, come new beginnings.


Cold winds make way for warming air, while gentle rains cleanse and replenish the land. The buds of the Waratah redden, and before long they bloom, heavy with nectar. This long-awaited nourishment gives way to a cacophony of life; new, flourishing; and old, reawakening. All emerging to celebrate this time of plenty.