Happy Hour at Darling Quarter

Discover a new favorite spot and raise a glass to the end of the week with multiple happy hour options.


Whether you’re looking to catch up with friends, network with coworkers, or simply relax and unwind, Darling Quarter’s happy hours provide the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. 


Braza Churrascaria  –  4-6 pm Monday-Friday

  • Beer from $5
  • Caipirinha $12
  • Wine $6
  • Beer jug from $14


Ichoume – 11:30am-6pm Monday-Sunday (excluding public holidays)

All $10

  • Asahi Tap Beer
  • Sapporo Tap Beer
  • Sparkling Wine
  • White Wine
  • Red Wine
  • Whisky & Soda Highball
  • Choya Plum Wine
  • Lemon Sour
  • Orange Chuhai
  • Pink Grapefruit Chuhai
  • Oolong Tea Chuhai

*Conditions Apply

Sale of alcohol available only for adults 18 years and over. ID is required. Drink responsibly.