Eco every day & eco in every way

Mighty sustainable,
Achievements attainable.
Our building is waiting,
For 2024’s NABER’s rating.

NABERS, known as the National Australian Built Environment Rating System, is an Australian government initiative used to measure the environmental performance of buildings and tenancies, including energy efficiency and water usage.

We’re committed to maintaining sustainable and environmentally friendly environments, especially with the encouragement of our new Eco-Concierge, who’ll help you achieve sustainability goals with recommendations on efficiency upgrades and conservation.

Last year, Darling Quarter was given a 5.5 out of 6 stars NABERS rating for energy, and 3.5 for water. On the other hand, Darling Square was given a 5-star rating for water and 5.5 for energy.

This year, we aim to not only keep up with the pace but also to take a step further in ensuring our eco-journey is creating a healthier, happier, and more sustainable workplace in line with our grand vision, Mission Zero. Together, we can achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2025 and absolute zero by 2040, by managing and mastering energy efficiency and water conservation.

Ready to achieve great things? Find out more about our efforts with Eco-Concierge on WorkLife!


The cool, clear air is punctuated by the vibrant yellow of the Acacia flower, blooming en masse. Clear, salty seas illuminate the abundant life in the coral reefs, while at altitude, snow gently dusts the land. The shorter days take on a new urgency, to forage and feed; fortifying for long, cold nights. These times are hard, but will eventually give way to a warmer dawn.


The intensity of heat gives way to a calmer time, and a fresh harvest of fruits, berries and roots emerge. Butterflies and birds flit between flowers, simultaneously drinking the nectar and delivering the pollen which will, in time, reignite a new cycle of emergence. This peaceful time is illuminated by beautiful, golden sunsets, slowly retracting as the long, cool nights draw in.


The hottest part of the year brings with it extremes. Scorched land cracks open in desperation for the deluge of rain that storms will eventually, inevitably bring. These storms churn the rivers and creeks, igniting feeding frenzies among hungry fish. This is a harsh, unsettled time. Many won’t survive. But with endings, come new beginnings.


Cold winds make way for warming air, while gentle rains cleanse and replenish the land. The buds of the Waratah redden, and before long they bloom, heavy with nectar. This long-awaited nourishment gives way to a cacophony of life; new, flourishing; and old, reawakening. All emerging to celebrate this time of plenty.