Gelatissimo’s Cookie Cravings

Gelatissimo’s Cookie Cravings Indulge in Gelatissimo’s ultimate cookie obsession with 3 new flavours. Available from December 1 – January 25 (while stocks last).   💚 Mint Cookies and Cream Made with KitKat® – A mint chocolate gelato, layered with chunks of KitKat® and cookie pieces. 🍪 Cookies and Cream Made With Milkybar® – A creamy… Continue reading Gelatissimo’s Cookie Cravings

St Dreux’s $3 & $5 coffees

St Dreux’s $3 & $5 Coffees Prepare to have your taste buds electrified, as St Dreux unleashes a coffee frenzy that will leave you craving for more!   $3 regular coffees 2pm-4pm Mon – Fri $5 iced coffees + cold brews all day, everyday South Tower Lobby, 1-25 Harbour St, Darling Quarter st.dreuxcoffee st.dreuxcoffee

Living Festive Decorations

Living Festive Decorations Immerse yourself in the wonder of Darling Quarter’s Living Festive Decorations, adorned with luscious plants that will grow alongside our joyful festivities. This enchanting native flora will soon find a permanent home in our gardens. By re-homing them, we aim to continue spreading festive cheer into the greenspace all year round, fostering… Continue reading Living Festive Decorations

Festive Feasts

Festive Feasts at Darling Quarter Experience a delightful array of festive feasts. Indulge in delectable cuisines, from traditional Korean oven-roasted chicken to delicious Mango Passion Pavlova gelato. Whether it’s a family gathering, corporate Christmas party, or just you’re feeling hungry, savour the flavours and embrace the festive spirit at Darling Quarter! Ichoume Japanese 4-course set… Continue reading Festive Feasts

The Harbour Village

The Harbour Village Dive into the spirit of the season with four weekends of Christmas fun at The Harbour Village, on the North Village Green.  Discover a line-up of children’s entertainment; from sing-alongs, to Aussie storytime sessions, and dance-offs with Santa’s DJ helpers! Your little ones can also let their creativity sparkle with craft workshops,… Continue reading The Harbour Village

Indulge in Joy at Darling Quarter

Indulge in Joy at Darling Quarter Book ahead to enjoy exclusive festive flavours or walk into our casual eateries. Whatever the occasion, there’s something for everyone. Celebrate with cheer at Darling Quarter, where the festive magic is truly alive!  Exclusive Festive Feasts Ichoume Japanese 4-course set menu See offer Braza Churrascaria Christmas Eve churrasco &… Continue reading Indulge in Joy at Darling Quarter

Festive Fireworks

Festive Fireworks Join in the festivities during the holiday season with weekend fireworks and extraordinary performances! Darling Quarter will be buzzing with excitement this December, offering fantastic evenings to celebrate.   Dine at one of our restaurants, or grab a quick bite at our casual eateries and then experience the magic as Darling Harbour illuminates… Continue reading Festive Fireworks

Bottomless Brunch at Darling Pavilion

Bottomless Brunch at Darling Pavilion Experience the ultimate weekend kickstart at Darling Pavilion‘s bottomless brunch. Available Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 3pm. Indulge in a 2-hour package for just $89, featuring a welcome Altos Margarita, sparkling wine or beer, and a delicious sharing menu.   Explore the delicious Mediterranean style sharing menu: Smoked Salmon Chive… Continue reading Bottomless Brunch at Darling Pavilion

Kürtősh Brekkie Combos

Kürtősh Brekkie Combos Kürtősh’s new breakfast menu, is a delicious array, of bagels, toasties and granola. Sink your teeth into hand-rolled, artisan bagels with tasty spreads, or savor the crunch of granola with yogurt until 10am.   Explore the delicious new brekkie deals: Cheese & Tomato Toastie – melted cheese and fresh tomato – $6.50… Continue reading Kürtősh Brekkie Combos

Brazilian Dancers at Braza Churrascaria​

Brazilian Dancers at Braza Churrascaria Dine in at Braza and catch traditional Brazilian dancers and a live drum performance right from your table.   Performances are every Saturday for 30 minutes at both 7:45pm and 9:45pm. The dance is full of spontaneous, soulful, and exotic movement which embodies the vitality and spirit of the Brazilian… Continue reading Brazilian Dancers at Braza Churrascaria​


The cool, clear air is punctuated by the vibrant yellow of the Acacia flower, blooming en masse. Clear, salty seas illuminate the abundant life in the coral reefs, while at altitude, snow gently dusts the land. The shorter days take on a new urgency, to forage and feed; fortifying for long, cold nights. These times are hard, but will eventually give way to a warmer dawn.


The intensity of heat gives way to a calmer time, and a fresh harvest of fruits, berries and roots emerge. Butterflies and birds flit between flowers, simultaneously drinking the nectar and delivering the pollen which will, in time, reignite a new cycle of emergence. This peaceful time is illuminated by beautiful, golden sunsets, slowly retracting as the long, cool nights draw in.


The hottest part of the year brings with it extremes. Scorched land cracks open in desperation for the deluge of rain that storms will eventually, inevitably bring. These storms churn the rivers and creeks, igniting feeding frenzies among hungry fish. This is a harsh, unsettled time. Many won’t survive. But with endings, come new beginnings.


Cold winds make way for warming air, while gentle rains cleanse and replenish the land. The buds of the Waratah redden, and before long they bloom, heavy with nectar. This long-awaited nourishment gives way to a cacophony of life; new, flourishing; and old, reawakening. All emerging to celebrate this time of plenty.